Your Child's First Term

When your child starts at Farleigh, a current pupil, known as a 'shepherd', will have been appointed to look after your child. Together with the teachers, they ensure that your child feels at home and settles in quickly.

Your child's shepherd will:

  • contact your child in writing or by phone before he or she joins Farleigh;
  • show them the ropes when they arrive – changing rooms, music rooms, ICT rooms etc;
  • meet up at break time and at the end of the school day to help introduce your child to new friends;
  • accompany them to the dining room and explain the dining routine;
  • show them the woods, other play areas and where they can keep their bike or scooter; and above all, be a friendly mentor while your child is settling in.

During the term prior to becoming a boarder, your child is invited to spend a day and night, or weekend, at Farleigh in order to get a feel for boarding and to start making friends. Once your child has joined, the house parent keeps you informed about how he or she is settling in. Your child is also able to stay in touch with you direct by phone and by email FaceTime for senior boarders.

We try to put boarding families in touch with each other in advance and organise a tea party at Farleigh before the beginning of the new academic year to introduce new families to each other and to current families. Opportunities for boarding parents to meet are arranged once a term, and form representatives organise social events that enable parents to get together.

Pastoral care is excellent and makes a key contribution to the outstanding personal development of the pupils."
ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate)