The Daily Timetable

8.15am Registration (8.40am on Saturdays)

8.25am Assembly

8.50am Period 1

9.20am Period 2

9.50am Period 3

10.20am Period 4

10.50am Biscuit Break

11.15am Period 5

11.45am Period 6

12.15pm Period 7 (reading)

12.35pm Lunch

1.35pm Period 8

2.05pm Period 9

2.35pm Period 10

3.05pm Period 11

3.35pm Break

3.50pm Period 12

4.20pm Period 13

4.50pm Sign out from classrooms; day pupils can depart

5.10pm Prep/Activities

6.00pm Supper for Years 3-7, followed by free time or activities

6.30pm Supper for Year 8, followed by free time or activities

The timetable is similar on Wednesdays and Saturdays but lessons finish at lunchtime. Games and matches are played in the afternoons and day children may go home at 3.30pm in the autumn and spring terms and 4.00pm (Year 3, 3.30pm year round) in the summer term.