Medical Matters

Ellie Peett is the senior nurse and she manages the medical services at Farleigh. She is supported by a Day Matron and two Boarding Matrons who provide a 24 hour medical cover.

The senior nurse and matrons are very experienced in providing support to children and their families and are passionate in providing quality, personalised nursing/medical care.

A doctor from a local Health Centre visits twice a week to see boarders as required. All new pupils and pupils in Year 3 will have a nurse medical and full boarders, registered with the local health centre, will also have a doctor's medical.

The surgery at Farleigh is spacious, bright and modern, with a four-bed sick bay for boarders who are unwell and not fit for school. If your child is ill for more than a day or two they can be taken home if preferred.

The role of independent schools in relation to child protection is taken seriously, and at Farleigh this is under the direction of our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Stuart Whithear, our Deputy DSLs, Mrs Sue Wilton and Mrs Amy Jago, and our Pastoral leads, Mr Chris English and (as previously) Mrs Amy Jago.