Weekday Timetable

7.05am Boarders rise

7.25am Voluntary Mass (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

7.30am Breakfast

8.15am Registration

8.30am Assembly

9.00am Lessons begin (Periods 1-4)

11.00am Biscuit Break

11.15am Lessons 

12.35pm Lunch 1 (Years 3-5)

1.00pm Lunch 2 (Years 6-8)

1.30pm Lessons (Periods 8 - 10)

3.30pm Afternoon Break

3.45pm Lessons (Periods 11 - 12)

4.45pm Sign out from classrooms, day pupils may depart

5.00pm Prep/Activities session one

5.45pm Prep/Activities session two

6.30pm Supper for boarders and supper club

7.00pm Boarders' free time

7.15pm Junior Boarding roll call and prayers

7.30pm Senior Boarding roll call and prayers

Please note, a slightly different timetable operates on Wednesdays and Saturdays due to matches.