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Pre-Prep Year 2

Farleigh X Factor is coming...

Full boarding weekend in the autumn term can mean only one is time for the Farleigh X Factor! Make sure you are watching on Saturday 1st December.

Click to view the preview: Are you ready for the Farleigh X Factor.

Farleigh Sport

Farleigh School

French Weather Forecasting

House Cross Country - The Start Line for Years 3 & 4

House Cross Country Years 7 and 8

House Cross Country - An Aerial View

Potion Making in the Library

Year 4 India Day Dancing

Year 3 Rocket Launch

Life on Planet Farleigh

Sleight of Hand - Magic Box

Time-Lapse Fun

Virtual Reality Geography

Farleigh Ted in the Kitchen

Amazing Mazes

Farleigh Ted

Girls V Boys Draw Off

Paddle 'Boarding' Fun

Raclette for the Supper

A little bit of Magic

Jitterbug Design

Jitterbug design using Sketchbook Pro 

Diabolo Skills

Farleigh News

DT Skills

Magic Club - The Freeze Spell

Magic Club - The Fire Spell

Susan Rose creates a 'Mug Full of History' for Farleigh

Welcome to Farleigh School

Click here to view an introductory video to Farleigh School.

Tidworth Barracks with The King's Royal Hussars

All 430 pupils visited the soldiers and officers of The King's Royal Hussars at Tidworth Barracks, kindly organised by current parents. They spent the day participating in a variety of activities, including climbing in tanks and assault course training, designed to give them some idea of what life would have been like for a soldier.

The 20,000

All at Farleigh took part in the 20,000 Art Project, personalising 20,000 wooden sticks with faces to represent the British soldiers' lives lost on the first day at the Battle of the Somme.

These sticks were planted overnight by staff on Monday 10th November on the playing fields at Farleigh.

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