A Roman Day Out for Year 4

This week, lucky Year 4 boarded the coach in enthusiastic anticipation of their history trip to Bath. The stunning honey-stone buildings of Bath welcomed us on a beautiful autumn day, as we headed towards the Roman Baths in the centre of the city.

Over the course of the day, the children took part in a variety of different activities in the impressive and newly refurbished education building. As well as dressing-up as Romans, creating mosaics and looking at artefacts, the Farleigh workshop group descended into the basement, where the contrast of the cold and damp hit them. They were then challenged to build archways and towers using traditional equipment, to identify different stones and their purpose, and to be archaeologists and dig for Roman replicas!

Experiencing the Roman Baths in their original form is a great way to learn about life in Roman Britain and begin to understand the social, cultural and religious differences that existed - we are so lucky that we have these sites available to us.

The children’s awe and wonder at the spectacle that is the Great Bath was a sight to see and they couldn’t believe how warm the water was, as it spilled from the natural spring. Seeing real artefacts brought history to life, and the children asked fantastic questions and responded excitedly to those guiding us around. A great trip to consolidate their learning and also to spark new curiosity about the world.

Philippa Kerby
Head of Lower School, Head of Year 4