Pre-Prep Running Stars

The Pre-Prep House Cross Country on Friday was a wonderful event, to which we welcomed many parents and family. Our youngest pupils - from Kindergarten through to Year 2 - had been preparing for the big day in their PE lessons this half of term, but they could not have foreseen the crowds of vocal supporters, who gathered at the start and at the finish line, as well as throughout their races. A particular highlight was the evident pleasure their Year 8 'buddies' took in running with them and keeping them on course! 

The afternoon began with a super fun warm-up, dance and House chant with the older pupils, which notably raised the excitement levels. Every child completed the course to the best of their ability (many of them astonishing the spectators with their effort!), and the PE staff are incredibly proud of them. The distances run were 500m for Kindergarten; 700m for Reception; 800m for Year 1; and 1000m for Year 2.

Miss Le Blancq, Head of PE, is delighted with their individual and collective achievement, both in the run-up to the event and on the day itself. "The children applied their very best efforts to every lesson and significantly developed their determination, perseverance and resilience.” Bravo, Kindergarten and Pre-Prep.

15th March 2023