Senior School Scholarships 2023

Congratulations to the 27 pupils in Year 8 – a third of the cohort – who have, between them, gained 32 awards to their senior schools.

“This is a wonderful outcome”, said Fr Simon, Headmaster. “It not only reflects their hard work and talent, but also the guidance provided to them by their parents, mentors, and particularly their teachers, many of whom offered extra support in the run up to, and throughout, the process. I also want to congratulate the children who did not gain awards, but who sat scholarship exams and took part in competitive scholarship days across a number of disciplines. It is a great achievement to be of the standard to be considered and you have all done very well.”

NB. One pupil is sadly missing in this group photo, due to illness, which we hope to rectify next term. 

I Anniss Performing Arts Scholarship to Bryanston School
I Baines Academic Scholarship to Sherborne Girls
M Betancourt Pulido Drama Scholarship to Downside School
A Boldt Sport Scholarship to Canford School
C Buckley Sports Scholarship to St Mary’s School Ascot
I Cooper Academic Scholarship to Dauntsey's School
G Cox Art Scholarship to Canford School
A Droefenu Sports Scholarship to St Mary’s School Ascot
F Evans Academic Exhibition to Cheltenham College
D Godson Sports Award to Marlborough College
M Blake-James Basil Hume Scholarship (Art & Drama) to Ampleforth College
A Floyd Sports Scholarship & Drama Exhibition to Sherborne Girls
I Grace Basil Hume Scholarship (Drama & Sport) to Ampleforth College
S Malec Jolie Brise All Rounder Boarding Award (Music) & Art Award to Dauntsey's School
H Morgan Academic Exhibition & Music Scholarship to St Mary’s Calne
B Ingram Evans Sport Scholarship to St Mary’s Calne
C Liversedge Art Scholarship to St Mary’s School Ascot
T Matsumoto Music Scholarship to Cheltenham Ladies’ College
F Millar Sport Scholarship to St Mary’s Calne
O Parr Drama Scholarship to Sherborne Girls
S Savage Academic Scholarship to Dauntsey’s School
A Strong Drama Scholarship to Marlborough College
F Valdes-Scott Art Scholarship to Bryanston School
H Wade Sport Scholarship to Canford School
H Whittington Academic Scholarship to Marlborough College
E Willmott Music Exhibition to Sherborne School
W Willmott Drama Award to Sherborne School

2023 Scholars (one is sadly missing due to illness)