Wessex Athletics

Congratulations to the junior and senior athletics teams who have achieved a fabulous 51 medals at the regional Wessex competitions. The outcome is that 17 of our pupils have qualified to represent Wessex at the National Preparatory Schools Athletics Championships at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham on 1st July.


U14 (Year 8)

Robbie Eccles: Gold - Javelin, Silver - 4x100m Relay, Bronze - 200m
Freddie Dinan: Silver - 4x100m Relay, Bronze - 300m
Sebastian Baker: Silver - 4x100m Relay
Daisy Butterworth: Silver- 75m Hurdles
Holly Hoult: Silver - 300m
Yvo Melotte: Silver - 4x100m Relay
Andrew Nicholson: Silver - Shot Putt
Jemima Weston: Silver - 100m 

U13 (Year 7)

Kaosi Kema: Gold - 100m, 200m and 4x100m Relay (‘Honourable Mention’ for Athlete of the Day)
Jack Blosse-Lynch: Gold - 75m Hurdles and 4x100m Relay
Charlie Perry: Gold - 1500m and 4x100m Relay
Patrick Hall: Gold - 4x100m Relay 
Saffron Turner: Silver- Javelin 
Magnus Macintosh: Bronze - 800m 

U12 (Year 6)

Tom Lang: Gold - 100m, Silver - 200m, Bronze - Long Jump
Ralph Boldt: Silver - 75m Hurdles and Javelin 
Sasha van Moppes: Silver - 70m Hurdles, Bronze - 4x100m Relay
Wilf McKinley: Silver - 1500m
Harry Pilkington: Silver - High Jump
Pollyanna Reynolds: Bronze - 200m and 4x100m Relay
Chloe Grace: Bronze - 4x100m Relay
Ottilie Walker: Bronze - 4x100m Relay

Good luck to the athletes who have qualified for the Championships in Birmingham: Sebastian Baker, Jack Blosse-Lynch, Ralph Boldt, Daisy Butterworth, Freddie Dinan, Robbie Eccles, Patrick Hall, Holly Hoult, Kaosi Kema, Tom Lang, Wilf McKinley, Yvo Melotte, Andrew Nicholson, Charlie Perry, Saffron Turner, Sasha van Moppes and Jemima Weston. 

U11 (Year 5)
Samuel du Ry: Gold - 55m Hurdles
Teia Gardner: Gold 4x100m Relay
Bella Jenkins: Gold 4x100m Relay
Amelia Llyewelyn-Usher: Gold 4x100m Relay
Lottie Wills: Gold 4x100m Relay
Poppy Young: Silver - 55m Hurdles
Charlie Diggle: Bronze - 800m  

U10 (Year 4)
Emilia Corroon: Gold – 4x100m Relay, Silver – 200m, Bronze – Long Jump
Amber Boldt: Gold – 55m Hurdles and 4x100m Relay
Cassie Buckley: Gold – 4x100m Relay
Finty Valdes-Scott: Gold – 4x100m Relay
Hector Wade: Bronze - 55m Hurdles 
India Davie-Thornhill: Bronze - High Jump  
Percy Weston: Bronze - 800m